mobile concrete batching plant

The mobile batching plant is concrete mixing equipment developed according to the actual needs of users who need to change the site frequently, with short construction period and long construction line. It will store, weigh, transport and stir the materials of the traditional concrete mixing station. The unloading and automatic control system is concentrated on a trailer unit. On the function of a complete concrete mixing station, there are advantages such as convenient movement, flexible assembly and disassembly, and simple storage and management.

mobile mini batching plant

Our company's mobile batching plant has many advantages, as follows:

1. Compact structure, concentrating almost all processes of concrete production on the trailer unit

2. Human-machine interface is user-friendly, reliable in performance, and stable in all kinds of harsh environments.

3. Double-shaft forced mixer, continuous running ability, comprehensive mixing trajectory, strong mixing motion, fast and even mixing

4. The complete set of equipment can be quickly transported to the construction site through the full-hanging form and assembled on site, and can be constructed without commissioning.

5. High degree of automation, strong maneuverability, simple operation and good stability.

6. The structure is firm, the space layout is compact and reasonable, ensuring flexibility and ensuring production capacity.

7. The mobile batching plant occupies less space and the movement of the transition is convenient, which greatly reduces the amount of basic engineering.

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