small mobile batching plant - small YHZS batching plant

The small mobile concrete batching plant is used in recent years, and it is also a cost-effective concrete batching plant equipment. It adopts a flexible vehicle mode, and it is flexible and convenient to go with production. It does not need to lay the foundation, which reduces production cost and saves energy. It is a cost-effective concrete batching plant equipment. The small mobile concrete batching plant is based on the principle of the operation of the ordinary batching plant equipment, and the unique design of the batching plant equipment is also called the integrated movable batching plant. The batching system, weighing system, mixing system and conveying system of the batching plant equipment are all designed on one trailer unit. It can be moved at any time through the traction of the tractor.

small mobile batching plant   mini mobile batch plant

The company's small mobile concrete batching plant adopts an integrated design, which is to concentrate the mixing system, batching system, conveying system and unloading system on a trailer unit to achieve flexible movement and easy transfer. . It is mainly used in the construction of roads, bridges, etc., which are relatively short in the construction period, limited in the site or often need to change the construction site. Due to a variety of reasons for small mobile concrete batching plants, the general specifications are not large. Commonly used in the market are mainly yhzs25 type batching plant, yhzs35 type batching plant, yhzs50 type batching plant, yhzs60 type batching plant, yhzs75 type batching plant and other models. Customers and friends can choose the right small mobile concrete batching plant as needed.

Advantages of small mobile concrete batching plant: easy to move and flexible, simple structure, easy to disassemble, can quickly convert construction site; small footprint, integrated body design, small footprint compared to fixed concrete batching plant A lot. To reduce the transportation link, it can be directly produced at the construction site, and the transportation process can be omitted.

The working principle, production process, operation method, maintenance and other aspects of the small mobile concrete batching plant are the same as the fixed batching plant. The batching plant equipment also has a fully automatic control system with simple operation and floor space. Small, flexible production site, easy to assemble and disassemble, convenient storage and management. It is especially suitable for some projects with small site and long engineering routes, such as road construction and bridge repair.

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