mini concrete batching plant

mini concrete batching plants and small simple concrete batching plants are widely used in highway construction, bridges, circuits, dam construction projects, etc. It can also be used with dump trucks, dump trucks, and mixer trucks. It can also be modified according to the special requirements of users to meet the needs of users. The concrete mixer mainframe is not only used in concrete construction projects. It can be used alone or as a supporting host for the batching plant.

For small concrete batching plants, the investment is small, the risk is small, and the funds are returned quickly, so many people invest in small concrete batching plants. Then slowly expand the scale. This is also a relatively safe investment method. For small concrete batching plants, attention should be paid to the construction of several key types of equipment during construction.

The electric control system of the small concrete batching plant At present, the electronic control system of the domestic concrete batching plant is various in variety, mainly based on the following three control methods:

1. Distributed Microcomputer Control: This form of control is widely used in early batching plant design. The calculation function is not very obvious, so it is rarely used now.

2. Centralized microcomputer control: This type of control concentrates computer control and management functions on one computer. The tasks are relatively heavy, and the statistics of the report data cannot be synchronized in the production process. Statistics cannot be collected at any time. The measurement is subject to human factors. There is too much interference. This control system has also gradually been eliminated.

3. Centralized dual-computer control: This form solves the human factor interference in metering. The special batching control instrument is adopted, and the production control and management functions are divided into two computers without mutual interference, the production control and the report statistics are synchronized, and the management computer can also be used as the production backup machine, providing the upper level. The network interface of the computer. It is very intelligent and is also widely used today.

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