types of batching plant

Batching plant is a synonym for concrete plant. We all know that a concrete plant is known to combine various ingredients in different proportions to produce ready-mix concrete. The broad types of concrete batch mixing plants can be dry mix type plants and wet mix type plants. These ingredients are aggregates, sand, cement, water, and additives. Sometimes fly ash, silica and other ingredients can also be added to the mix. The name batching plant is given. Because it has the ability to produce ready-mix concrete in batches.

types of batching plant

The main component of a concrete plant can be termed as the mixing unit. However, the function – operation of a concrete plant is dependant on many different components. These components are feeder bins, conveyor belts, material storage compartments (eg. silos), weighing bins and control panel. Mixer can be of different types like twin shaft, planetary, drum type, pan type, etc.

Types of Concrete batching equipment

Concrete Batching equipment types can be categorized on the basis of their working. There are semi-automatic and automatic versions available.

Semi-automatic: Semi-automatic batching plants allow some functions to perform automatically while in some functions they require manual intervention. Atlas manufactures mini concrete batching plants that are semi-automatic type. These are small or mini batching plants that are equipped with load cells but feeding is by labors and labor intervention is required to stop feeding. As soon as the desired weight is fed into the hopper the light blinks and labour have to stop material feeding. The mixing unit here is reversible drum mixer. It is fed by a hopper which is engaged by the hydraulic cylinder manually.

Automatic: Automatic type of batching plant have all the functions automated. From the time material is fed into the feeder bins till the time the mixer discharges its automatic. The control panel has the provision to run the full plant by using few buttons. Modern control panels have the option to save multiple recipes as per customers requirements. Weighing of all materials will be done automatically. The material will be discharged as soon as the designated weight is achieved. Automatic batching equipment can do the mixing of the material for a fixed time and discharge the mixed material as soon as the mixing time is over.

Mobile type concrete batch plant

Concrete batch plants can be stationary, mobile or semi-mobile. Stationary plants are those that are designed to be sitting at a single place producing concrete for years. Mobile Concrete Plants usually will be compact and smaller in size. They have some additional functionality to dismantle and move to different sites frequently. Semi-mobile will be in between stationary and mobile. They will combine the advantages of both the worlds. Atlas produces mobile type Concrete Batching Mixing Plants in different capacities ranging from 10 m3/hr. to 60 m3/hr.

Mobile type of concrete batch plant is preferred by modern day contractors because of the advantages that they offer. It is easy to erect and dismantle these plants swiftly. The usually comes with axles, brakes, etc. Usually, a mobile plant is very compact in its overall size. It can be dismantled and reassembled in a few days. This advantage makes it easy for these mobile plants to change sites frequently. It helps reduce transportation costs and hence it is preferred over stationary versions.

The mobile batch plant also known as portable concrete plants are productive and cost-effective to produce concrete in short space. Modern-day concrete plants are also a reliable piece of equipment. It allows us to produce concrete at different locations within short period of time.

Atlas is a manufacturer and exporter of concrete batching plants all over the world. We focus on giving reliable solutions to our customers. Our focus is to provide dependable equipment as per the customer's requirement.

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